WordPress development

WordPress development

Since 2004 WordPress has grown into one of the most powerful content management systems powering over 22% of all websites according to wordpress.org. It is flexible, versatile and scalable - to name a few reasons why organisations like BBC America, Bloomberg or Sony Music have decided to use it.

Realising the full potential of the platform is still done by only a very few and those are the most passionate.

In the following you will read about why our clients love our WordPress sites and what will make you also smile every day if we create one for you.

What will you love about WordPress?


Thanks to the tens of millions people developer community, the back-end is one of the most straight forward and cleanest on the market today. It takes almost no learning curve to use it. You don't need to provide expensive training programmes to your staff to involve them and you can become an expert yourself within a day.

Regular updates

The frequency the new versions are released is simply incredible. Using the latest and greatest version will protect your site security and enhance its performance. Updating the core is done by one single click.

Features list is endless

No matter what you have in mind, we can do it for you within reason. Simple as that. Interactive forms, newsletter, fancy slideshows, web-gl 3d features smooth animations, integration with your internal systems, any custom design and layout just to name a few.

Why us?

Knowledge comes first

Imagine how much is to know about something that is in constant rapid development for over 13 years by people all around the globe. Please multiply what you have imagined by 10, so you are about there.

On the other side WordPress is designed in a way that anyone can set up a site relatively easily. Plugins and ready made themes are available in the repository. The sites using plugins from different sources and a fancy all-purpose theme are like a Christmas tree. May look good from a distance but have very limited use. The most common issue with these are speed, inconsistency in design, security and lack of optimisation.

What we do is the opposite. Believe or not this website is running WordPress. It is using a theme developed by ourselves, has 4 essential plugins installed along with all custom functionality developed in-house. It loads under less than 2.5 seconds and scores 97/100 on Website Grader. See our blog post. Would you like the same result? Excellent!

We are using our own code to expand all the goodness that WordPress has to offer. The result is more views, happy customers and You smiling. That is what really matters to us at the end of the day.

What's next?

If you like what you see and want your website created by us, thank you, you're awesome!

Simply click the type of website that fits best to your type of business in the project builder. Once you submit the form at the bottom of the page, your account will be created automatically. Log is and start your project. It takes less than 5 minutes and once it is done, you are on your way to enjoy your cool new place on the web.

Alternatively, you may reach us out on email or phone (see the top of this page).