About the software:

Timetracker is a flexible application that will make your life easier as a manager at any level.

The system lets you:

  • Plan your full time and casual workforce
  • Write rota with ease
  • Manage holidays and other special day offs
  • Plan budget
  • Streamline your monthly payroll paperwork
  • Know when your workers arrive and leave

Boost your efficiency with this scalable and reliable system!

If you have any custom functionality in mind, it is very likely that we can turn it into reality.

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Main features:

  • User clock in and out
  • Add, manage and remove user accounts
  • Send notifications
  • Rota planner
  • Year planner
  • Reports (month, person, budget and week summaries)
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Customization of roles, departments, special days
  • Whitelist ip addresses
  • Multiple admins supported (teamwork)
  • Admin chat