What I learned reading 30 books about business

I am addicted to learning new skills. Running a successful business is one of them. The mystery and thick fog that used to be in my head in connection to this topic definitely had to be cleared out. In this post I will give you 5 dead simple principles I learned from the best books available such as The Goal The Six Sigma Way or even Sell or be sold.

  • Know what you are selling
  • Understand your customers
  • Be consistent
  • Reflect on your results
  • Expect to change

Once you know your product or service your customers will know you are an expert. Knowledge simply cannot be imitated. Your goal should be to belong the best 10% of your field. Make it part of your daily routine. Read, listen, watch what is there to learn about your field. 40 minutes every morning will do a miracle! Give it a go.

Knowing your product gives you plenty of insight why are people buying it from you. Not asking them however is a huge mistake. Guessing don't always work (in fact more often doesn't than does). When targeting your audience, your focus needs to be razor sharp. With your razor blade it is just too easy to cut a bit off course. Write down every single question and answer you get from customers.

The most important - king of all questions - is : What made you buy? Ask this all the time!

Whatever you decide to do today, prepare to do it at least for one year daily. If it still sounds like a good idea, you can expect it to bring in the results you want to see. Start writing a business blog, release a newsletter every week or make 15 phone calls on Mondays to seek out new customers can be such decisions. Imagine you do one (or all) of them in the next year consistently. If you decide to do something, do it no matter what.

Track your results on Google Analytics,  AdWords and on analytics tools on social media platforms. The information you gain from this exercise worth its weight in gold.

Be prepared to adjust absolutely anything that isn't working out. Website layout, social media strategy, target audience, ppc advertising strategy are the most common that need to be reviewed regularly. Use your data from analytics tools, customer surveys and other feedbacks to get a clear picture.

This post is short on purpose. I do respect your time and therefore present bite size stories at a time. Browse and read on if you liked it.

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